Farm Buildings

Having the right structures on the farm can make a massive difference in the efficiency and ease of operations on the farm. Our team at Sinc’s Construction can help by constructing the farm buildings you need. We’re experienced with rural properties and can build to your specifications or help make suggestions on what we’ve seen work for other people in the past. Whether you’re looking for a home for your vehicles, equipment, or animals, we’ve got you covered!

What kind of farm buildings can you build?  Icon

What kind of farm buildings can you build?

We can build several types of farm buildings, including:

Barns. Barns are an excellent way to store agricultural goods and equipment, and we can construct them based on your current and future needs.

Silos and water tanks. Having appropriate storage for food, water, and other consumables is an essential part of many farming operations. Your water tanks and silos will be sealed and protected to safeguard these important goods.

Pole sheds and sleepouts. Pole sheds are adaptable and quick to build with a wide variety of farming applications. If you have a larger property, a sleepout deeper into the farm can be an enormous help and give you essential rest when you need it.

Garage for farm vehicles. Adding a little garage can help protect your vehicles and tools from the elements. And with the building consent update, awnings up to 30m and carports up to 40m don’t require a building consent, meaning they can be done cheaper and faster!

For advanced farming structures or very large, industrial-type farm buildings, get in touch with us and we’ll let you know if we’re a good fit for the project.

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Choose us for farm buildings and more

As your local construction experts, we’re here when you need us for farm buildings and more including light commercial builds, new homes, and more. We’re a registered Master Builder and proudly stand by our work, plus you get peace of mind with the 10-year Master Builder Guarantee. If you’re ready to add a new building to your farm, call us or get in touch today.



– Custom build
– 270 Sqm
– Build time: 14 months


– Required 2 separate kitchens, a spa, a sauna, and 26 showers
– Build time: 8 months


– Modbox design
– 150 Sqm with 25 Sqm sleepout
– Build time: 3 months