New Homes

Getting a brand new home offers many advantages to going with an existing home. With a new home, you know that it will be built to code and will use the latest advances in building materials, technology, and construction methods. You also have the option to build the home just the way you like—no worrying about designs focused around a feature you hate or wallpaper you can’t stand!

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Custom new homes

Choosing to go with a custom home ensures that you get everything you’re hoping for. If you have a tighter budget, fitting all of the features in could be tricky, but with over 20 years of experience building homes, we find out what is most important to you and can give you several options if we think the build might be close to your maximum budget.

If possible, we like to be involved in the design process so that there won’t be any surprises. We’ve done enough builds to know what works and what doesn’t, and what the best methods are to get the outcome you’re looking for and can make recommendations that can save you money or provide another benefits.

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Pre-built and modular homes

Modular, kitset, and pre-built homes are quickly gaining popularity nationwide due to their fast building times, low risk, and attractive modern designs. However, many of the companies don’t sort things like plumbing, electrical, or interior design sets, leaving the buyer to sort out these things on their own.

As an affiliate agent for Modbox and Sheds4u, we’ve put together dozens of these homes, making them in liveable condition and up to code so families can move in. We typically build the more popular plans that can be found on our plans page, but let us know if you had another design in mind or needed something tweaked to meet your needs.

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No home too difficult!

We love to take on a challenge at Sinc’s Construction, so if you have an ambitious build, send it our way! We’re happy to build small, liveable sheds, but are also ready to take on large, multi-storey homes with unique architectural elements. If you’re ready to get a new home, get in touch today.



– Modbox design
– 150 Sqm with 25 Sqm sleepout
– Build time: 3 months


– Required 2 separate kitchens, a spa, a sauna, and 26 showers
– Build time: 8 months


– Custom build
– 270 Sqm
– Build time: 14 months